Locks and keys play such a vital role in our daily lives that even a small mishap with either of them can lead to a crisis-like situation. Imagine getting locked out of your car at a remote location or not being able to locate your keys when you have to leave the house for urgent work. Such situations require immediate intervention from a professional who has the right tools, technical workmanship and integrity to help mitigate your troubles. If you are a resident of Naples, Florida, Naples Locksmith Service is the most obvious choice.

We are a multi-purpose locksmith service agency that has been operating in Naples for over 10 years. We specialize in providing superfast emergency locksmith services to residential, commercial and automotive clients whenever and wherever they need them. Be it broken lock repair, onsite key creation, emergency lockout assistance or urgent lock installation, we offer an array of lock and key services when you need them the most.

People trust us for: 

· Quick response time

· Complete customer satisfaction

· Quality services

· Cutting-edge tools

· Customised solutions

· Affordable prices


24x7 at your service

Emergency means a serious event that needs immediate action. Unfortunately, most locksmiths out there are not available beyond the standard 9-5 working hours. And the ones that are available charge a bombshell just for turning late at night. Naples Locksmith Service is the only reliable agency that is available throughout the day and does not charge a penny more than our standard rates even for a late-night emergency. 

Mobile locksmith vehicles

Don’t you hate it when you have to wait hours, sometimes even the whole night, just for a locksmith to get free from a job and take care of yours? Naples Locksmith Service has a large pool of locksmiths and a network of well-equipped vans that operate throughout the city. Whenever you need a locksmith, we can rush our mobile vans over to your location!


Lockout assistance:

Stranded outside your vehicle due to an unfortunate lockout? No need to rely on an expensive local technician or solve the issue yourself by forcing re-entry. Simply call our helpline and let our experts take care of the situation in the fastest possible time.

Onsite key making services:

Big or small, keys can be slippery little things that have the tendency of getting misplaced or lost every now and then. Some old keys can also get stuck inside the lock, leaving you in a spot of bother. Naples Locksmith Service has an expert understanding of keys and can offer a range of onsite key-related services such as spare key creation, key duplication, locks rekeying and more.

Emergency lock replacement

Has your house been broken into? Do you suspect that someone you know may want to gain access to a property you own? Don’t be a sitting duck for a looming crisis. Call Naples Locksmith Service immediately and get your locks replaced now. In case you want more secure variants, our experts will be more than happy to run you through the best-in-class security devices in the market and help you zero in on the one that suits your needs.

Repairs and maintenance

Locks that are old and unchanged for years can give you a lot of trouble. Thus, you need experts like us who offer regular maintenance services and tell you exactly when to get them replaced

Priority to safety

While emergency situations cannot be predicted, the least you can do is prevent one. Persisting with locking mechanisms of the previous century and being lazy about getting that old key replaced will only mean trouble down the line. If you are serious about your security, get in touch with our experts now and help us find the right security devices for your home, office or vehicle.

For a decade, customers in Naples, Florida have been choosing Naples Locksmith Service for its reliability, quick response time, long-lasting solutions, non-invasive techniques and affordable prices. We offer quality locksmith services anytime, anywhere when you need them the most. Call us now on 239-963-8801