A car lockout is one of the most debilitating situations you can find yourself in. Ask those who have been through the ordeal, and we bet it won’t make for a pleasant story. Unfortunately, many people who get locked out of their vehicles end up taking bad decisions such as trying to forcefully enter their cars or calling any uncertified locksmith nearby. This can only do more harm than good. Want the best solution? Call Naples Locksmith Service and let us handle the crisis. We are a top-ranked locksmith service agency that offers quality automotive locksmith services, with a special focus on car lockout assistance.

Besides helping stranded customers, Naples Locksmith Service a range of car locksmith solutions such as broken ignition switch repair, spare key creation, key duplication, trunk lock fix and much more.

Mobile locksmith service anytime, anywhere

Car lockouts often happen when you are on the road. They could happen in the middle of the highway, at a remote gas station or during late hours when you are coming back from work. We have a network of mobile locksmiths spanning the length and breadth of Naples, Florida, allowing us to reach any location quickly. While we all wish that we don’t find ourselves in such a tricky situation, it is quite comforting to know that a capable locksmith service agency will always have your back in case you do get into trouble.

We make Car keys

Our locksmiths can make car keys of any model and type of car with remarkable dexterity and precision. Be it mechanical keys, key fobs, valet keys or transponder keys – we can fix, create or replicate all types of car keys at a quick turnaround time and affordable price.

Ignition services

Thinking of getting a bad ignition fixed by your dealership? Your dealer may do a good job, but have you considered the amount of time and money you will waste to get simple repair work done? Naples Locksmith Service experts are adept at repairing ignition switches and can get the job done at a fraction of the time as well as price.

Trunk locks

Struggling to access your car’s trunk due to an old and rusty trunk lock? Forcing it up open may only end up damaging your vehicle. Call us instead and we will repair or replace it in a trice.

We offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services, which includes

  • 24x7 car lockout aid
  • Car lock repair
  • Car locks fix or replacement
  • Rekeying of car locks
  • Programming transponder car keys
  • Broken key removal
  • Car trunk lock repair or replacement
  • Broken Ignition switch repair
  • Spare keys or key duplication
  • Advanced locks for vehicular safety
  • Key cutting, high-security key development

And more

With years of dedicated services, hundreds of car lockout rescues and reliable lock and key solutions, Naples Locksmith Service has cast its name in stone as the premier locksmith agency in Naples, Florida. Today, we are one of the most timely and efficient locksmith service providers in town. Moreover, we charge prices that are easy on the pocket. Hire a car locksmith today! Call us on 239-963-8801